Sticker Statistics

January 24, 2014

For our first birthday we gave away stickers to anyone who requested them. All you had to do was fill in a simple form and wait =).

We thought we would share the statistics about the give away!

The only information that we asked each user to fill in was:

  • Name (Optional)
  • Address
  • A captcha
  • Source (Optional & hidden in the URL)

Here is a quick rundown of the statistics gathered from the sticker requests:

Total requests: 131 131
Total countries: 33 33
Total duplicate addresses/duplicate requests: 6 (4%) We still went ahead and posted the extra!
Number of people who didn’t fill in a name: 4 (3%)
Number of people who used a single name: 6 (4%)
…Number of people used all uppercase: 1.5 (1%) The “.5” was just their last name only
…Number of people used all lowercase: 12 (9%)
…Number of people who spoof’d their IP to be 1 (1%) Set by their header request

The information below relates the “source”, how they found the sticker request page.

In the URL which was clicked on visit the page, in the GET request was ‘source=<value>’, this was unique for each place that we posted it (On the blog, IRC channel or social networks).

This doesn’t have that much weight behind it for multiple reasons (e.g. easy to alter, users sharing it), especially since we didn’t announce each line of stickers at the same time. First we published the link in a blog post, then on IRC, and lastly we shared it on various social networks.

The “late” section relates to people directly contacting us after the form had been taken offline and before our last trip to the post office.

Blog: 52 (40%)
IRC: 13 (10%)
Social networks: 60 (45%)
Late: 6 (5%)

As a result of this we are considering setting up a mailing list/newsletter system!

Visually plotting where all the requests came from, look like this:

Below is the full breakdown of requests for stickers by country. The list is sorted by total number sent to the country highest to lowest (then alphabetical).

Country Number Percent
United States 41 31.30%
United Kingdom 22 16.79%
Australia 9 6.87%
France 6 4.58%
Germany 6 4.58%
Canada 5 3.82%
Netherlands 5 3.82%
Egypt 4 3.05%
Belgium 3 2.29%
India 3 2.29%
Singapore 3 2.29%
Russian 2 1.53%
Thailand 2 1.53%
Albania 1 0.76%
Algeria 1 0.76%
Brazil 1 0.76%
Denmark 1 0.76%
Indonesia 1 0.76%
Italy 1 0.76%
Libya 1 0.76%
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of 1 0.76%
Malaysia 1 0.76%
Mexico 1 0.76%
New Zealand 1 0.76%
Norway 1 0.76%
Poland 1 0.76%
Portugal 1 0.76%
Romania 1 0.76%
Saudi Arabia 1 0.76%
Serbia 1 0.76%
Spain 1 0.76%
Sweden 1 0.76%
Turkey 1 0.76%

This just goes to show the power of the Internet, connecting everyone all around world =).

To those who requested stickers, we hope you liked them. For those who missed out, if you sweet talk us we might be able to post some out to you.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Warm regards,

The VulnHub Team

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