For our first birthday we gave away stickers to anyone who requested them. All you had to do was fill in a simple form and wait =).

We thought we would share the statistics about the give away!

It’s been a whole year since VulnHub went public. To celebrate our first birthday, we are giving away freebies! But before we get to that, here’s a quick rundown of what has been happening and where we plan to be this time next year:

So after three months of preparation we have now moved to a new server, complete with a retweaked OS and other magical configuration changes.

A few weeks back, we announced our first competition in which we were looking for the ‘best’ write up of the solution for Brainpan 2.

It’s been a while since we last posted… However, hopefully the following news will start to make up for it!

Due to the success of ‘Brainpan 1’, there has been a massive demand for a follow up (If you haven’t tried it and want to see what all the fuss is about, then grab a copy of it from VulnHub now!). We’re very happy to announce that the sequel for this great challenge, Brainpan 2, will be released on the 20th of November 2013!

Ladies and gentlemen, getting straight to the point, we (finally) have a winner for our logo competition!

We managed to get a total 268 logo submissions!

There were a huge range of ideas, concepts and out of the box ideas.

We had a tough time narrowing 268 designs down to the final 8, but after many hours of tea breaks and headaches we did it.

For everyone who submitted a design: thank you we really appreciate it!

The final designs are as follows. Please vote for your favorite design here!

We at VulnHub have decided to launch a logo campaign with the desired outcome of giving us a ‘professional’ image. This design will be used to brand our project and represent all of our work.

We are doing it via crowdsourcing (via 99designs), allowing anyone to submit their design. We will narrow the results down and then allow people to vote on the final design!

If you fancy submitting your designs, you can do so here.

Whats VulnInjector?

VulnInjector will create an automated ‘vulnerable’ installation of a Windows target to practise penetration testing on.

As of today, we’re happy to announce VulnHub is now live!

We have opened the site a little earlier than first planned, so be aware that lots of work to be done and content to be added. With that in mind, please remember that VulnHub is a community orientated project with new features being developed and added to it. If you’d like to suggest a feature (or even develop one!) we’d like to hear from you!