Logo Competition

August 05, 2013

We at VulnHub have decided to launch a logo campaign with the desired outcome of giving us a ‘professional’ image. This design will be used to brand our project and represent all of our work.

We are doing it via crowdsourcing (via 99designs), allowing anyone to submit their design. We will narrow the results down and then allow people to vote on the final design!

If you fancy submitting your designs, you can do so here.

We will be posting more about the competition over the next few weeks. Best of luck to everyone who chooses to take part!

Below are the designs specifications for the logo:

Name: VulnHub

Slogan/Tagline: Vulnerable By Design

Brief: VulnHub came about to catalogue ‘stuff’ that is (legally) ‘breakable, hackable & exploitable’ - allowing you to learn and practice in a safe environment.

We aim to provide material that allows anyone to gain practical ‘hands-on’ experience relating to computer applications, digital security & network administration.

Most of our users are students or hobbyist who are enthusiastic about computer security, and either starting out in the field or wanting to improve their knowledge/skills.

The website is currently under a re-design, the logo will be the start & inspiration for the rest of the website theme.

The current logo was something that was created in two minutes for the website launch, now looking something thats memorable, unique and to be the flag ship icon our project and community.

The logo will be used anywhere possible online (e.g. website & blog, accounts, social networks) and eventually small physical items (e.g. stickers).

We are open to ANY ideas that are partially, or even remotely related to the subject of computers, networking, security etc.

We are looking for a logo that will last - something that will not be ‘dated’ (out of fashion/trend).

The logo needs to be unique (like the project is). Using the slogan or the name of the project is optional.

Feel free to use any other colours if required.

Please try and NOT have a ‘hat’ involved. I’m not a fan of this stereotype of ‘hackers’.

For more information please see https://www.vulnhub.com/about/.

Colours: Blue/Orange

Warm regards,

The VulnHub Team

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