A few weeks back, we announced our first competition in which we were looking for the ‘best’ write up of the solution for Brainpan 2.

Not only is the Brainpan series not designed for “beginners”, it also includes a few evil twists with the sole purpose of annoying and tripping up as many people as it can. However, this didn’t stop you guys! Someone actually reported to have (real) root access, in less than 24 hours - impressive stuff, well done hostess!

There were some great quotes both on IRC & twitter during the competition. People were making it clear that the author, superkojiman, had made a truly evil machine.

RKornmeyer: This is yet another troll from superkojiman, who is a complete *******.

December 4, 2013 @ 17:09:56 - irc.freenode.net/#vulnhub

As this was the first time we had done something like this, we were not sure how many submissions we would receive. In the end 5 walkthroughs were submitted, which we believe to be a good amount. More about this later…

…If you made it this far, we’re guessing that you would like to know which write up superkojiman deemed ‘best’.

Deciding on a winner was incredibly difficult. I narrowed it down to hostess and barrebas and I kept flip-flopping between the two. In the end, I decided to give the win to hostess for an easy to follow write up, and an entertaining read.

As this was a memorable event for us, as well as a feasible amount of people, we would like to give something to all the people who submitted a walkthrough, and a little something extra to barrebas for being a close second.

  • Hostess will still get his £50 gift card of his choosing.
  • We are going to offer £25 gift card to barrebas.
  • and everyone else £10.

Its just our little way of saying thank you guys for taking the time to write everything up.

Each submission had a unique touch to them, as they all did it slightly different (there’s even a complete wild card submission - who REALLY went outside the box). You can find all the submissions here, so you can judge for yourself or snoop to see where your solution differed from theirs:

This was our first attempt at this sort of thing. And we have learnt to-do a few things differently next time - because there will be a next time!

  • Give more than 24 hours notice before going live.
  • Better definition of the competition rules.
  • Don’t run the competition over a public holiday.
  • Include runner up prize(s).
  • Keep the hype going throughout the event.
  • Different prizes.
  • Longer event.

The competition may be over, however the challenge still lives on. If you missed out and fancy having a go download a copy and give it a go.

Lastly, we would like to thank superkojiman for allowing us to do all of this. If you enjoyed having a crack at Brainpan 2, or stressed out from him taunting you, please let him (and us!) know :)

Warm regards,

The VulnHub Team

p.s. We all have our fingers crossed for Brainpan 3!

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