Our Sokar birthday competition is well and truly over now. So the only thing left todo is to summarize everything and of course announce the winners!

Sokar was the name and ‘boot and root’ is the game. It’s your classic vulnerable virtual machine. We made it into a competition by asking competitors to write up their journey to root, tips and tricks and stats on how many keyboards were broken during their time hacking (stargate references were also very welcome).

So here’s the new design!

As promised in the our last birthday post, this is the start of the front-end improvements.

The (old) blog desgin was meant to be a quick temporary something that wasn’t meant to last as long as it did… ‘ops’.

As promised at our birthday party last week, we’d like to announce the release of our first competition in 2015… Sokar!

Edit: The competition has finished. If you want the results, check the following blog post.

Since we last upgraded our servers, we introduced TLS (aka the padlock in the address bar) on the main site.

We were using one of the ‘free SSL certificates’ providers. Not anymore!

Two years ago today the VulnHub website was born, and our gift to you this year comes in the form of a competition: ‘Sokar’.

Quick Message. As of today we have moved servers (again).

The reasoning behind it:

Since our Persistence competition is now over, we’re rounding it up by sharing everyone’s walkthrough and announcing the winners!

The objective of the contest was to boot and root the Persistence virtual machine and provide a write up of their journey. A strong write-up with a chance of winning would be detailed, contain potentially unique methods of solving the challenge, and at the same time be entertaining to read.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special announce to make! After a few months of work, there’s a new competition on horizon currently active! Announcing… Persistence!

Edit: The competition is now over, but the VM still lives on. The results can be found here.

A few weeks back, we announced another competition in which we were looking for the “best” solution for the Hades vulnerable machine.

Now, after the pain and misery Lok_Sigma as inflicted upon the contestants, it’s finally time to name the survivors and reward them with their prizes!

We are proud to announce that a IRC #vulnhub veteran, Lok_Sigma, has spawned a new virtual machine for us to hack… Hades.

Lok_Sigma has been secretly creating it, slowly cooking up with “a few” ideas to inflicted pain, with the sole purpose to create as much of an agonizing experience as possible. This was an opportunity that was just too good to pass up to be our next competition. We will be releasing the hell that is the Hades VM and the start of the competition on the 10th April 2014, 19:02 (6:66pm) UTC.

Edit: The competition has started. Happy hacking!

Edit: The competition is over! The results can be found here.